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This meat rig is tied with a teaser leader and a meat head leader.  The teaser leader is made with a 88# duo lock snap, 100# 6 bead chain swivel, 50# Big Game monofilament and a 100# swivel.  The meat head leader is made with a 88# duo lock snap, 50# Seaguar fluorocarbon, a hand sharpened #1/0 VMC 4X treble hook, a 5/0 VMC octopus single hook.

The meat rigs are approx. 66 inches long and the flies are spaced every 12 inches. However, the flies can be adjusted if you would like a different spacing. The tournament tied rig has a protective tube between the hooks, where the most line damage can occur due to the fish’s teeth.  It also keeps the treble hook at the end of the meat strip. This prevents the treble hook from sliding all the way up to the meat head and missing the short bite!!

Components (Meathead and teasers) are also available!!

Holo Green

SKU: 37-61
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